Florida Economic Development Incentives

Florida Economic Development Incentives


By identifying and securing government economic development incentives, MPG can help you reduce the amount of capital required for your business relocation or expansion and significantly contribute to your long-term profitability. With a 100 percent success rate in securing incentives, MPG has obtained millions of dollars for clients ranging from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 200 corporations.

Unlike government or nonprofit economic development organizations, MPG offers a complete, full-service approach to incentives. We identify every funding source for which you qualify, fill out and submit your paperwork, lead negotiations on your behalf, then prepare you for all required meetings and hearings. You never have to worry about the details, and we’ll stay by your side from initiation to review of the final performance contract.

Why Use MPG when Free Resources are Available?

Rather than merely advising or serving as a liaison with government, we are change agents who develop a strategy and then make it happen. Public sector economic development organizations can be very helpful, but their primary job is to market a location, not to gain the maximum benefit for your company. Because MPG only works for you, we go after every available dollar for which you qualify and handle the entire process on your behalf.
Myrick Policy Group will:

  • • Analyze and estimate your company’s prospective eligibility for incentives
  • • Identify all possible funding incentives for your business at the federal, state and local levels
  • • Complete your paperwork and submit it for you
  • • Negotiate on your behalf
  • • Prepare you for all meetings and hearings
  • • Stay by your side through review of the final performance contract
  • • Educate your PR staff about why incentives are a win-win for taxpayers, government and business so they’re prepared for any media inquiries

Examples of Our Success

As a result of Myrick Policy Group’s efforts:

  • • A start-up financial services spin-off expanding with 350 new high-wage jobs was awarded $2.9 million
  • • An international manufacturing plant building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in central Florida received grant and tax refunds for over $1 million
  • • A Florida Port terminal operator received $1 million in grant funds toward a $3 million project to improve their terminal
  • • A data center business constructing a “big box” building was awarded $1.225 million over 10 years
  • • Our manufacturing client regained a $900,000 terminated incentive